Dalzell Bowling Club

    494 Windmillhill Street

  Motherwell  ML1 2AF

 Tel:  07981332001

Northfield  2014

Willie sits down and the crowd is  going ……..

A great crowd enjoys the sunshine and the bowls

………..  Going  ……..

G  O  N  E

( Maybe it was something he *”$%”£!  said )

Crowds are Rewarded

The thousands who crowded Northfield in the hope of catching a glimpse of their hero were delighted when he flew in for an hour, having broken his holiday in Cannes

Alan Hadden (Dalzell B C) said he was delighted to be able to take time out to support his colleagues.  “Being able to bring the jet into Prestwick is an added bonus” he said.

 Alan’s mystery companion seems pretty pleased with himself too!!