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Wyness praises Divot Repair work  11/5/13

 It seems no time at all since we witnessed the tragedy of Andy Wyness missing out on 125 Glory due to the divot (see below) which suddenly appeared on our green  -  just as he delivered what, we are assured, was the perfect bowl according to Andy.

  Well, how things have changed !!  Andy fell one yard short today but had nothing but praise for the rink repairs.

“ I can only congratulate the contractors who worked tirelessly month after month to rid our green of that geological catastrophe” he said.  “ The green played no part in me being short  -  I just could not legislate for the sudden air turbulence which caught my bowl a couple of yards out. Just one of these things!!”

What a gentleman, but then again we would expect nothing less from the big man!!

As you can see we took Andy’s comments seriously last year and sorted the problem once and for all.

  The offending Divot    (Divitus Convenientuus)

Stories from the Green - 2013

Repair work underway last year


 President Condie has revealed his proposals for future tie-break rules following the overwhelming success of his radical new option at the Rankine Trophy.

We understand that among the front runners to replace the old best shots difference which was “far too complicated” are:-

1.  Skip with shortest name wins

2.  Best dressed lead wins for the rink

3    Rink with coloured bowls wins ( If both rinks have       coloured bowls, the BLUE bowls win it!! )

4    Rink containing Tom Condie wins

5    When all else fails Tom’s personal favourite comes into       play.  All duels to be held at Dalziel Estate,  buses will  leave from Knowetop Avenue entrance.

“125” Winner - at last!!!

Ask Willie Davies to add 125 and 1304 and he will give you the answer without thinking - but with a smile.  

He will also tell you the way to win is NOT to wear bowling shoes and definitely  NOT to use your own bowls.

Willie won during the Dalgleish Trophy competition on Saturday  10th August


Remember the days when bowlers were reassured by the gentle words of the marker as he took the card and the pencil and smiling said  “If you want to know anything lads, just ask” as he walked off to take up his duties.

Well, things may be changing, as witnessed by those assembled for the 2013 semi-finals.  Dialogue went something like this……

 Bowler: “ How are things lying down there?”

 Marker:  “ Well, eh, ahhemmm, eh, eh  it’s close between  that bowl and that bowl”  (pointing)

 Bowler:  “ I could tell that much from up here”

 Marker:  “ Well, what the **** are you asking me for??”