Dalzell Bowling Club

    494 Windmillhill Street

  Motherwell  ML1 2AF

 Tel:  07981332001

Fun day 2013

On behalf of all club members, visitors and especially the children … thanks to everyone who helped to make  Saturday  29th june  

such a great day

 As happened in 2012 ……..Congratulations again to whoever managed to turn the weather “tap” OFF  for a few hours!!!

The Young and the “Not So Young” share a Few Moments …..

Smile Please !!!…….

“And just one more time ……………”

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE the photos  below were taken 30 seconds apart and harder to believe FRASER, STUART ,RIKKI AND ALISTAIR  could hold breath , stand still (and keep quiet) for that length of time

And even Harder to believe we were about to witness rikki scoring a PERFECT 20 POINTS in the GRAND CHALLENGE MATCH BETWEEN THE FOURSOME.

Our photographer missed stuart rushing to  congratulate the winner but  did catch a modest rikki savouring the moment

  Pictures from Drew Weir                                             Home Page