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Dalzell Bowling Club is a little poorer and a little richer after the passing of Dick Langford.

Poorer - because no organisation can afford to lose people with real character and humour and who give and receive genuine affection from those around them.

Richer - because of the memories left by such people and for the smiles, laughter  and tears generated as we recall times past.

Dick joined the Club in 1989 when his good friend Jim Law was President and was a regular, with a small group of friends on Saturday evenings, at a time when the Club was not quite as popular a place to be on weekends as it is today.  

He was, in the true sense of the word, a character.  Whether behind the bar, in the lounge or on the green Dick, with a twinkle in his eye, invited  -  or provoked? -  a reaction with almost every sentence he uttered!

He developed a unique bar-tending style, somewhere between abrasive and downright insulting, but that twinkle let you know mischief and fun were the  real motives behind this charade.

Personally I will never hear anyone ordering a vodka and orange without Dick’s words ringing in my ears .......


Last orders have been called, so all we can say now is

“CHEERS DICK and Thank You!!”

                                                            Drew Weir  29th May 2012                                                                                                   


It was with great sadness we learned of the sudden death of John Haddow.

John’s wife Ann and the family would like to thank everyone for their  kindness and expressions

 of comfort.

His  sense of humour and enthusiastic support

 for all Club activities will be missed by all of us.

Dick Langford - a tribute

Willie Sneddon

1-7-1928  to  23-12-2012

Club members once again turned out in large numbers this time to pay tribute to Willie Sneddon who died on 23rd December. The service was held at Crosshill Parish Church where Willie and Elsie were married sixty-one years ago and where he had served as an Elder since 1984.

A popular figure on the green, Willie joined Dalzell in 1980 and was known for his competitive spirit – losing being a very poor second option!!

He represented the Club at all levels and although less regular this season he could still be encouraged to lead for a Senior rink when required.  Even in his eighties, a long jack posed no problem to Willie.

Although well known for enjoying a good joke, it is his renditions of “Rawhide” and “Delilah”  which will ring in the memory of many a Dalzell bowler whenever Willie’s name is mentioned.

The Club extends sympathy to Elsie and the family.

                                                                                            Drew Weir  31/12/12

Robert Paterson - “Patsy”

21-8-1939  to  10-12-2012

The phrase “a genuinely nice guy” can often be mis-used but was never more appropriate than when describing Robert Paterson. This was evident as family and friends packed Daldowie Crematorium and then Dalzell Bowling Club to pay tribute to this warm, unassuming man.  

Following a successful business career and having played golf to a very high standard, Robert joined Dalzell Bowling Club in 2004.

 He represented the Club at Burgh, Lanarkshire and Senior levels, contested all club competitions and was a regular on Saturdays throughout the season at Dalzell.  Being drawn to play with Robert in any game ensured a great day both on and off the green.

Robert had a skill not given to many – the ability to listen -  and he was an enthusiastic and appreciative audience for anyone with a good story or song!  Although not one to suffer fools gladly, he was seldom openly critical of any person or situation.  Never loud or demanding he had a quiet influence on any company and times were always better when Patsy just called to say “hello” ........


                                                                                     Drew Weir  14/12/12

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George  Brand

17th March1942  -  5th January 2013

Dalzell members rounded off a sad start to the year by once again meeting to pay tribute to a valued friend and colleague.  After a prolonged period of ill-health George Brand died on 5th January 2013 and a celebration of his life was held in Holytown Crematorium and thereafter at the Bowling Club on 16th January.  Few who attended could fail to be touched by the genuine feeling of love, loss and dignity generated by family members during and after the service.

George was described as, above all, a family man who delighted in the company of his late wife Rose, his chidren, grand-children and latterly great-grand-children.

However, his family were quick to admit that a second, very important “family” existed  within the walls of Dalzell Bowling Club.

“Geordie” Brand joined Dalzell in 1982 and was happy to apply his joinery skills, with small teams of like-minded men, to the benefit of the Club during the 1980’s and beyond.

His craftmanship was not all he gave, as he was also an enthusiastic Committee member, keen to enhance the reputation of Dalzell at all levels.

George’s enthusiasm for the Club was transmitted to his son John who together with his wife June, John (Jnr) and Julie continue the Brand association with Dalzell.  Our thoughts are with each of them and the rest of the family.

Perhaps during the coming months and years, an occasional whiff of cigar smoke at the entrance to the Clubhouse will cause us to pause, smile and think of Geordie Brand........................

                                                                                     Drew Weir   16/1/2013  

Jim  Campbell

1st January 1936 - 7th January 2013

It was with great sadness we met again in large numbers at Daldowie Crematorium on 14th January 2013 to say “Goodbye” – this  time to Jim Campbell - who died on 7th January in Wishaw General Hospital.

Jim joined Dalzell in 1986, served on Committee and was elected President of the Club in 2001. He was also a member of Lanarkshire Indoor Bowling Club.

As with other colleagues we have lost recently, Jim enjoyed every apsect of Club membership to the full.

Representing the club at all levels, he formed many solid bowling friendships both inside Dalzell and beyond - as witnessed by the many lingering hand-shakes before and after any game!! Every competition was fiercely contested with opponents and supporting players alike being left in no doubt as to the way Jim felt things were going.

In winter months, Jim was a regular at Dalzell on Friday evenings enjoying a drink and a game of cards with his closest friends.  It was no coincidence that Jim sat with his back to the wall and his gentle words of encouragement –with the occasional rebuke - plus his quiet debating style (?) will be missed by all who enjoyed his company!!

Once again we lose a little of  the “character” that makes Dalzell unique.

 Our thoughts are with Isobel and the family

                                                                                  Drew Weir  14/1/2013

Jack Simpson

April 1932  -  April 2013

Our Club is poorer and the bowling fraternity far beyond our walls is saddened by the passing of Jack Simpson.

The capacity attendance for the celebration of his life at Daldowie Crematorium and at Dalzell Bowling Club  on Wednesday 1st May 2013 endorsed  his love of family and his passion for bowls.

The tribute paid to Jack, beautifully scripted by grand-daughter Robyn and read with feeling by the Reverend Alan Greig captured, with simplicity, the essence of family life at its very best.

His bowling achievements within our club are written large on the Honours Boards and etched on our Trophies, including the winning of our Championship (one of four) during his Presidential Year in 1972. Few members can have carried the Dalzell banner with such ability, enthusiasm and obvious pride. It is fitting that he was held in such high esteem by all who knew him.

Always competitive, Jack was a redoubtable opponent, but an even more demanding partner!  Lack of ability in colleagues did little to dampen Jack’s belief  that they could deliver the perfect bowl when “requested” by him. He was often sadly disappointed!!  

How rich we all would have been had we a pound for every egg left unbroken when he asked that our bowl be delivered, at the very least, jack high?

Our thoughts are with Mattie, Isobel, John, Stuart and their families. They can be assured of the Club’s support in the days to come. Jack has ensured that his  influence on Dalzell Bowling Club will continue.

In time to come, more than just a few of us will wish Jack could once again implore that we “THINK ABOUT IT !!”

......  I am sure we will .......

                                                          Drew Weir  1st May 2013

Bert  Barnstaple

Once again our season begins on the saddest of notes with news of the passing of past President Bert Barnstaple on Thursday 3rd April 2014.

 Our thoughts are with all members of Bert’s family.


19/11/1955   -   27/5/2014


Alistair Kerr joined Dalzell Bowling in 1981 and was President during our Centennial Year in 1992.

Born in Bellshill, he spent his early years in the West of the  Highlands before returning to Motherwell, aged 15, to embark on a plumbing apprenticeship. He displayed the best traits of both regions in his drive to uphold family values, a sense of fairness and a spirit of harmony in everything he undertook.

His pride in Dalzell Bowling Club was evident to all who knew him and his contribution to the high standards  and objectives of our Club, at every level, will be greatly missed. He was a driving force behind the refurbishment of our Clubhouse, which will remain a lasting legacy.

 Organisations such as ours can ill afford to lose the dedication, expertise and social skills provided by the Alistair Kerrs of this world.

We celebrate the time we had with Alistair and the calming influence he brought to Dalzell Bowling Club.

                                                       Drew Weir  3rd JuNE 2014

The family  have asked  that special mention be made of Alistair’s love for his grand-children, which is evident in this photograph taken at the Club.

Alastair McKerral

16th May 1932  -  18th December 2014

It was standing room only during the services held in St. Margaret’s Church and Holytown Crematorium on Monday 29th December 2014 celebrating  the life of Alistair McKerrel, who died on 18th December 2014.

The large number of members of Dalzell and Lanarkshire Indoor Bowling Clubs who joined both congregations reflected the respect we all had for Alistair.

Immaculate in the way he dressed and making the most of every minute of his life, Alistair could bring a smile to the face of everyone he met – we will miss his company.

We trust May, Alistair and the family were comforted by the support given by so many of Alistair’s friends and colleagues.