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  Motherwell  ML1 2AF

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Ladies’ Friendship Day


                      John Simpson Champion after  classic final                  

Those members who attended Finals Day 2013 will have left feeling proud to be associated with our club after witnessing seven closely contested matches.  The display of talent on our green in the one pairs and six singles matches had to be admired and, even more, the spirit in which the games were played was a credit to all involved.

It is perhaps unfair to pick out one match but the Championship always warrants special mention and the final between John Simpson and Iain Coats produced one of the best singles matches. I would suggest, seen at Dalzell for a very long time. If any match could be described as “not deserving a loser” this could be it, but John’s recovery from 8 – 18 down to win 21 – 20, against such a talented opponent, means he will relish this one maybe just a little more than the others he has attained.

Congratulations to all who took part, especially to those winning a title at Dalzell for the first time.

Let’s hope that next season the individual talent we have at the club can be translated into more success in external team events

      Record entry for Closing Day Tournament

Saturday 5th October 2013


Chaotic scenes outside Dalzell Bowling Club as disappionted bowlers are turned away after the Closing Day competition was closed  at a record entry of 28 rinks.


 All Winners Final lives up to the name


The sun shone on spectators and players on Sunday 29th September for the last Club Final of the season.

Once again no one could be disappointed with the level of skill served up, this time by John Simpson and David Hands, in the All Winners Singles Final.After dominating the early stages to lead  7 - 4 David found himself one shot down at 8 - 9 , only to re-establish the lead at 16 - 9.

However John ( who must now answer to the name “Lazarus”) once again proved his powers of recovery to win 16-21, thus ensuring the J D Simpson Trophy once again bears the family name.