Club Competitions April - July  2015

    18th  April

   Opening Day


    25th April    

 President's Trophy

A Reid  A Stevenson  C Dalgleish                            

     2nd May

 Ramage Triples

D White    R Gordon   J Simpson

      9th May  

   McLaughlan Pairs P Dundas,                 J Neilson, K Harper, R Hinson

    16th May

 Barnstaple Triples    I Anderson,

            T Sloan and K Dalgleish

    23rd May

 Clydeforth Trophy N McInnes, A Steele,                                 D Hands

    30th May

 Dalgleish Trophy  T  Kemp, G Dundas (Jnr)  

      6th June

 Nomination Fours  P Dundas, J Findlay,

                              G Dundas (Snr), I Coats

    13th June

 Porteous Australian Pairs

                               J Gilfillan   M Harper

    20th June

  Rankine Pairs

                         P Dundas  G Dundas (Jnr)


    27th June


    28th June


      4th July

 Jamieson Triples D Battison

                                  S Chalmers  K Hird

    11th July

 Wallace Express Trophy

                 G  McLachlan  D Marshall

    18th July  

  Still Two Bowl Pairs

                       D Sykes  D Battison

    25th July

   Sponsored Tournament

    26th July

   Mixed Pairs

        Myra Lumsden   John Lumsden

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